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Joey To The World

February 3-4, 2017

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Joey To The World Creative Ministry Event

JTTW began with an idea.  Ralph Dewey of Deer Park, known the world over for his balloon sculpting, decided it would be a good idea for Christian clowns to get together and share ideas. Ralph has written many books, with instructions for everything from beginner to advanced ballooning as well as clown ministry. In 1993, Ralph asked the Jesters for Jesus at Sagemont Church in Houston if they would be interested in holding a clown rally. In 1994 the first rally was held with very little advertising. That year there were 91 in attendance. Each year thereafter God just kept doubling the numbers, and it wasn’t long before Joey was a full-fledged convention…not just a rally. At one time there were approximately 600 attending and current numbers average between 250 to 300. Today JTTW is one of the largest and oldest gospel clown conventions.

After a few years, Ralph excused himself from the planning of JTTW and placed it in the hands of a core committee of Kay Reed, Phyllis and John Sheffield and Brenda Marshall.  More recently the committee consisted of Phyllis (securing lectures and vendors) and Kay (receiving registration and acting as liaison with the church).  The clowns of Sagemont’s Jesters for Jesus continued to volunteer their time to help make the conferences run smoothly.

After 18 years in Houston, Kay and Phyllis decided to give Joey to a new core committee in a new location.  Moving to North Texas in 2013, JTTW will be holding it’s first ever conference in Hurst, TX with a core committee consisting of Andy and Rhea Anderson and Brenda Marshall.

This conference has always been viewed as a ministry building endeavor. With that in mind, the cost to attend Joey has remained low enough for anyone interested to be able to attend. 

The following are some of the ministries JTTW has supported over the years either in material needs or financial needs.

Over the years, all of those producing Joey to the World have been committed to inviting some of the top clowns in the USA to lecture and/or perform at the conference. The new core committee plans to continue the commitment to quality education for those using creative ministries in their home churches and around the world.

Come and join us February 6-7, 2015 at First Baptist Hurst, located at 1801 N. Norwood, Hurst, TX 76054.  

  • Supplied backpacks for INNOVATIVE MISSIONS to take to Pakistan
  • Provided support for Roy Guel’s (Missions Minister at Sagemont) ministry to inner city churches. When needed, the Jesters for Jesus went to churches to present the gospel in clown.  Joey helped Roy with equipment needs in the churches with financial contributions. For several years Roy bused children from the Hispanic churches to a special clown performance by Chagy and Bombin during the convention.
  • Support for fellow Christian clowns such as Eugenio "Chagy" Adorno and Rafael "Bombin" Rondon. These are ordained pastors who moved to Fort Worth  from Puerto Rico. They travel full time around the world as their clown characters, presenting the gospel.
  • Sent clown supplies with Bombin to Costa Rica to help a young man there become a clown.
  • Provided a clown with a scholarship to the TnT Gospel Clown Conference in Georgia for further training.
  • Held beginner training for children ages 10-15 through a Junior Joey program.
  • Given an annual donation to Sagemont Church for their Living Proof project.

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